Spiritual Connection?

Have you ever felt a connection with someone and you are not completely sure why?

I’m talking on a deeper level here. Not just a surface, “hey, I like that person” kind of deal.  Maybe we can call it a spiritual connection.

Spiritual ConnectionsMeeting My Wife RuthAnn

From the moment I met my wife, RuthAnn, I have been blessed to have this spiritual connection. I “sensed” her when we were apart. I often knew what she was going to say or do before it occurred and vice versa. It is the deepest connection I have ever had with any human being and it grows the longer we are together.

My Mentors

I’ve also had connections with my Mentors over the years. Barbara, my Native American mentor. Joe, my mindset and marketing mentor and Alice my Reiki Master/Teacher mentor. At times I “feel” their influence whether they are with me or not.

All of these are connections that I can explain. The have either loved me or taught me – or both. I understand the reason for my feelings of connectedness with them and i am thankful.

Unsure Connection

But I come back to my original question: have you ever felt a deep connection with someone and you are not sure why?

Freaky? Not really. Intuitive? Yep!

A few weeks ago I met Laurel Bleadon-Maffei (@angellaurel) on Twitter.  Just a “follow/follow back” kind of situation.

As usual, I checked out her Bio and website. I was amazed at the beauty of her site, “Illuminating Souls”, and immediately tweeted about it. The site and Laurel have been in my consciousness a lot lately as i am presently reading and learning about angels and Angel Therapy in my healing practice.

Beyond any of this – I have felt a spiritual connection with Laurel that I simply cannot explain.

Truth is: 

Intuitively I know a simple truth: I have no need to explain the connection. It just is.

I am thankful.

Blessings to you Laurel – and to each of you.

Love and Light,
Frank Dickinson

COMMENT NOW!  Do you have someone you feel a deep connection with?


  1. says

    Hi Frank,
    First, I appreciate the continued contribution to Keeping it Real. You are bringing value to the readers of this blog.

    There are definitely people I have a deep connection with. Outside of the obvious connections with family and long time friends, there is one, in particular, that stands out. She is a person who I have a deep spiritual and emotional connection with… to describe her as my best friend does not do this relationship justice. Do you know what I mean? I have only really known her for about 5 years but there has always been, even when we were less than aquaintances of eachother’s, a deep seeded connection between her and I. There was always something special about her. When we became friends the connection strengthened and the bond now is one of deep trust and mutual admiration and respect. We inspire and motivate eachother and, frankly, I am not sure where my life would be today without her.

    I know she will read this and I know she will respond.

    This post is very timely, Frank, as I and others I know are exploring the spiritual connections we have with people we know and people we are only acquainted with through others or via social media, etc.

    Thanks again and I look forward to the discussion this generates.

    Darren Sproat
    .-= Darren Sproat´s last blog ..Clear Your Limitations =-.

    • says


      Thanks for sharing your experience of a spiritual connection. When I wrote this blog post, I was hoping that people would respond with their experience.

      I am in complete agreement that many of us are exploring our spiritual connections. We have entered an age where meaningful relationships that provide us a spiritual base are the order of the day.


      Blessings to you, your family and your connections.

      .-= Frank Dickinson´s last blog ..Intuition: Three Easy Tips =-.

  2. says

    I know and have known this type of connection in my life. I am so thankful for the grace it has added into my being.
    With you Frank, the connection was immediate, before we even exchanged a word.. sight unseen, I knew that you would forever be in my life in some capacity. As we began exchanging e-mails, posts and ourselves, it became clear to me that we would never be separated once we physically came together. Never had I had that level of connectivity with anyone prior to you.
    I, as you know, have a very special connection where our daughter is concerned. She and I have that Karmic Band that needs careful attention as not to allow it to become to taunt.
    I have other connections with people and especially events that I can not explain.. I just accept them. As I learn more and more about energy and intuition, I am able to experience the connections deeper and through you I am learning how to become a channel for the energy received.

    I thank you for entering my life 14 years ago and walking the path with me. May our days be filled with new experiences and our nights hold the possibilities yet to be shared.

    ~your lil grasshopper
    .-= RuthAnn´s last blog ..Open Up and Say Ahhhhhhhhh =-.

    • says

      Dearest RuthAnn,

      You taught me the value of a deep and meaningful connection between two people. I couldn’t have written this post or even understood the concept without your example and influence.

      Thank you my wonderful wife.

      .-= Frank Dickinson´s last blog ..Intuition: Three Easy Tips =-.

    • says

      Once again, RuthAnn and Frank, I want to thank you for your contribution, through posts and comments, to this blog. I have been away from the computer for quite a while and it has been a blessing to have a few guest contributions keep things alive at Keeping it Real.

      I truly appreciate your contribution and wish you and yours the very best.

      Darren Sproat
      .-= Darren Sproat´s last blog ..Another Gift for Me =-.

  3. says

    Hi Darren!
    THank you for reaching out to me, and for your comments about Mary DuBueno. They meant so much. I’m just now trying to get around to everyone’s blog. You’ll be happy to know, you’re my first stop! I was a single mom for more than five years. I have so much to say about your commitment to your daughter, but we’ll have more time in the future.

    YOu have an impressive blog. I like the look and organization, not to mention the content. Lance has been such a gift, no?

    I am opening my blog up to Gen Xers – to guest post. If you’re interested LMK!

    Thank you, again. And, I almost forgot, you are welcome to share the MD book or print it off and hand it to someone as you see fit.
    .-= jen´s last blog ..growing up dead: the montréal massacre and the death of gen X hope =-.

    • says

      Hey Jen,
      First let me say that it was an honor to have you stop by and take a moment to leave a message. I speak from the heart and was honest when I said your story sparked that Daddy/Daughter discussion we had… sometimes a little push is needed to remind a Mom or Dad that these talks are important.

      Regarding Lance, YES! His blog has been a source of inspiration for me on more than one occasion and his supportive and caring nature has been relentless.

      Thank you for dropping by. I appreciate the contribution. I will contact you via e-mail regarding the guest post – I am honored that you would ask.

      Darren Sproat
      .-= Darren Sproat´s last blog ..Don’t Deceive Yourself =-.

  4. says

    Yes! I think the more centered we are, the more likely we will recognize these connections as well!
    I have had this happen so many times throughout my life, the person I connected with had just the right message I need at the time.
    When the student is ready the teacher will appear. so true:)

    • says

      You are so correct. I too have experienced situations when ‘the teacher’ has shown up at just the right time… and I have been lucky enough to recognize this when it happens.

      The contributor of this post, for example, Frank Dickinson, could fall into this exact scenario. I was, until Frank’s contributions and a colleagues interest in Reiki, somewhat skeptical to say the least. I opened my mind and trusted my ‘teachers/mentors’ and have experienced some incredible ‘moments’ as a result.

      Thanks for your comment and don’t hesitate to return and comment again.

      Darren Sproat
      .-= Darren Sproat´s last blog ..Are Online Networking Relationships Real? =-.

  5. says

    Yes, I have a number of people with whom I feel drawn to, without any logical reasons. Yes, one of them is my husband…!! Then, there are also people who write to me, telling me that they have a sense of knowing me before (even though we have not met actually physically met).

    I enjoy the spiritual connection of those with whom I come in contact with. I like how you explain it: “It just is!”
    .-= Evelyn Lim´s last blog ..How to Prevent H1N1 Flu Naturally =-.

    • says

      Thank you so much for commenting on this post. I am honored that you decided to stop by to read and comment.

      I can no longer count the number of ‘relationships’ I have with individuals where there is little or no physical ‘meeting’ and the only contact we might have is through blog comments, social media, or other such communications…

      There are those few, however, where you ‘knew’ there was something special with no contact at all… those ‘spiritual connections’ I tresure…

      Thanks again,
      Darren Sproat
      .-= Darren Sproat´s last blog ..Career Coaching =-.

  6. says

    I don’t know if you believe in past lives or not but I do. One of my best friends walked up to me the very first time we met and said that we were twins in a past life together. I was just beginning to look at reincarnation as a possibility at the time. I didn’t know if she was right or not but I did feel an instant connection to her, as crazy as she was about the twin thing. I have never felt that kind of connection to anyone else like that, at that time.

    Like you and your wife, my husband and I have a very strong connection that grows stronger over time. I knew that I loved him at the end of our first date. We have been married for 36 years and the connection is still growing.

    I have read somewhere that when you meet a person that you instantly like or feel extreme dislike for, it is because you have a past life connection. With no way to prove it, which the analytical side of me wants to do, I have to accept this on faith.
    .-= Patricia – Spiritual Journey Of A Lightworker´s last blog ..Independence Day =-.

    • says

      First, let me just say that I truly love your story about your husband and you and your connection getting stronger even today… this is an inspiration to me.

      When Frank contributed this article to my blog I immediately thought about the many relationships I have that seemed to be so natural right from the start… before many of these ‘real’ relationships started I sensed connections with the people involved and, upon reflection and sharing, I discovered that many of these people felt the same.

      I have never really put a lot of thought into past lives but I have put a lot of thought into life energy… I am still not entirely sure where these thoughts are taking me but I am thinking.

      Thanks so much for contributing.
      Darren Sproat

  7. Cassie says

    I am so glad Darren opened up his blog to guest contributions. I am taken by your writing here about spiritual connections… not necessarily because of any one thing you say but because it allows me to think about those very real, yet very unreal, relationships I have come to appreciate over the years.

    First and foremost is the spiritual connection I felt with my grandmother. I can probably count on my hands the number of days I spent with my grandmother… she lived 1000’s of miles away from me and visits home to see her were very few and far between. Yet, I had this incredible connection to her that, ultimately, led me to my calling in life. Today I spend most of my days reading her journals (mostly through translation) and doing the work she did her whole life (serving those less privileged).

    The second standout for me is a connection I feel with one of my very close friends. He is the owner of this blog and his generousity, compassion, and true spirit all come through for all to see. While I have known Darren for a long time, again, we have spent so little time together over the years that our connection is almost unreal… it is certainly difficult to explain.

    Thank you, Frank, for posting this.

  8. Caroline says

    I met someone 3 years ago and felt a connection to them. I moved to the other side of the world and am in a relationship but I still feel a connection to the person I left behind. I didn’t know them all that well and am not sure why I have a connection to them but its just there. I couldn’t stop thinking about them lately and received an e-mail from them saying they couldn’t stop thinking about me. I just can’t explain this but it just feels right to be in contact with them.

  9. Anonymous says

    I have recently found myself in a similar situation. It’s difficult to explain and I find that it is constantly on my mind. It is someone I work with often. The strangest thing is they seem to be able to read me clearly even though I am (because of anxiety) a babbling idiot. I get a strong sense that they feel it to because of the way they react to me. I don’t know how to approach them with this without sounding crazy. What if, it is just me? At the same time it is like I am being drawn to them, on a a level so deep I don’t know what it is. It’s nice to have finally found a place to let it out.

  10. Danielle says

    I also share a spiritual connection with someone.. We use to be coworkers, I’ve always felt I knew him from somewhere and there was this strong energy that I felt when I was around him, like our souls were connecting,recognizing eachother. While working together we would have brief conversations here and now. I still remember one of the conversations we had.. I was asking him if we had ever met before and neither him or I could look into eachothers eyes because the energy was so strong. I knew right then and there that our connection was something deeper..
    Now, its been three years and no matter how hard I tried to forget about him and this feeling it kept coming back. I finally got the guts to tell him how I really felt. worried that he’d think i was not normal he finally responded acknowledging our connection. and within the last 3 months of opening up to him and he acknowledging our connection. So, much knowledge and consciousness has been pooring in. Its so amazing how ones soul can be so connected with another that conscious awareness reigns pooring out love and contentment. I personally believe that our meeting and having this connection was what was going to help awaken my spirituality and the true meaning of unconditional love. there are so much coicindences and signs that lead me to him that if I were to write them down I’d feel I would be writing a book. I am very glad I found this site and am able to read others experiences that I can relate to.
    Love and Blessings

  11. says

    I have experienced a very strong connection with someone that I met online. This has led me to a heart awakening/reawakening experience. I am now focused on living my life for the purpose of making/experiencing connections and sharing that consciousness with others. I want to believe that my developing awareness will make these connections much more common and deliberate. Through the intention of being open and loving, much of what is spiritual is coming into a new light for me. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I'm very glad to discuss this topic.

  12. says

    I love this post! I hadn’t realised until a few years ago how strong my spiritual connections are let alone my intuition! thanks very much Frank for inviting me into another space to connect with someone else who cares deeply about conversations that matter, even if it starts simply as chatter. Love and Light. Bron x

  13. Neith777 says

    I had a spiritual connection with a man over 30 years ago. I met him on the dance floor @ a motorcycle dance. We began seeing each other, he was married. Later down the road he broke up with me. However, my feelings lingered. Two and a half years later we met again and began seeing each other. This time his divorce was in the final stage. He broke up with me and followed his job to Oklahoma and married someone else. I moved on and married someone, however, I was still loving this man and could not seem to stop thinking of him sometimes. Sometimes out of nowhere the thought of him would be so intense. I found out through his daughter one day that he was not happy, his wife left him. He would bring my name up from time to time to her and his other daughters from the last marrige. I was still married, so I did not want to get in touch with him. However, he did reach out by telling his daughter through a phone call to her. The phone click she said please hold. She click back to me and said guess whose on the phone and I said ” your father” she said yes. I told her I will get off the phone so she can talk to him. That was 12 years latter from the time I met him. Meanwhile my marriage did not work out and we were divorce in 1999. 2010 I contacted him through face book. He responded he flew to California to see me and stayed with me for 26 days. I thought maybe this is our chance. Later on he said it will not work. He said I’m to strong and He knew I had to be and all and found me to be a little intimidating. That hurt, my feeling for him has not ceased. I need to break this connection but I don’t know how. I’m miserable everyday in love with someone who don’t love me. I don’t want anyone else, I can not see myself with anyone else. It feels like a prison. : (

  14. Ness says

    I am glad to have found this discussion. Even though I have showed up a little late on the site, I would like to share one of my experiences.
    Few months ago, I met someone on an online forum. He is atleast 20 years older than I am. We used to mail each other every now and then and discuss about spirituality. But lately, we have been mailing each other almost every day. I feel this sense of comfort and attraction towards him in a really strong way. I cannot define what form it is… he has told me that he senses that connection as well. We both believe that we have met for a reason, to teach and learn something from each other.
    But I often wonder if I am being stupid in thinking this to be more than just a person I like, even though the feeling I have for him is undeniable (we are all cynical in some ways). I often wonder if he is just being nice to be by saying that he feels the connection too. I don’t know. I am trying to not show him how strongly I feel the need to communicate to him. I haven’t mailed him in last couple of days but he is constantly on my mind. I feel restless not communicating to him.

  15. Magdalena says

    I wish we could all talk about our spiritual connections to eachother like we do about apples and oranges. but oh well-
    in mid 2008, about 4 years ago i met a very special person who literally swept me off my feet one beautiful evening in a fancy establishment located right in my home town. I couldnt believe it and was just absolutely thrilled at the chance to be with someone like him as a chosen companion! I tried to get his information- but he didn’t come forth with any way to contact him.But all these years and I havent been able to get him away from my mind, heart, desires, and this great longing– its really hard for me.
    Finally i met another man (who had a striking resemblance and were so close in nature)… it was like God had sent me the man I wanted the whole time. So we were together for over 2 years and were about to marry. I was more than elated, my dreams were coming true. then one tragic night he went back home.
    Dealing with so much in my personal life, besides being in my 20’s in college, a single mother of 2, and everything else- its been too much for me to take. I left everything behind and started on my own. I couldnt take anything anymore.
    i couldnt help think about the first man again suddenly one day. and this really deep focusing captured my mind and I just dwelt on the first gentleman, creating this trance of intense focus and the desire to find him. then out of nowhere… i felt a spirit so soft and beyond belief speaking right to my heart. It told me a specific location. and asked me what time i could be there. i thought 6pm was the soonest, so right away I drove down there.
    And there he was! i walked right into the place and was behind him in line. I was beyond capable of takling to him, and i was just so happy to see him- so handsome still and more than enough of everything, as always. But after we took our seats he saw me and just walked right on by- leaving shortly thereafter shaking his head looking towards the ground in a sort of dissapointment. i wish i went up to him, but i was so darn shy and with all my emotions running crazy.. after all these years, including my new life and sudden loss… i just wasnt preppared to be so bold to say hello… taking all sorts of chances for rejection or whatever. its my fault oh well
    i have been just beyond shattered. i cant manage to get him out of my mind, i pray constantly- fervently pressing in and trying to find resolution…
    Spiritual connections are so very real, i do not understand how it works, i have connections with all kinds of different people, only a few though are clear and strong. The connection with this man is by far the strongest.
    thank for lettin me share.
    hansel and gretel forever :)

  16. matt says

    is there a way to stop feeling this connection? i have been connected this woman all my life. when i actually met her i felt it grow stronger like a surge threw my body like a bolt of lightning. i can feel her, emotionally and physically. at the time a had a gf whom i loved very much and that didn’t understand the concept i was felling, so me and the woman who i was connected to parted ways. i recently meet with her after 3 years apart (in which i could feel her) and now it is even stronger. she has now moved to the other side of the country and i wish to stop felling her as it is tearing me apart. emotionally and mentally…. should i embrace this or try to stop it as i can not be with her or near her.

    • Julius says

      I understand the feeling that you are going through. I have that same type of connection to someone that turned out to be one of my oldest & dearest of friends. Our connections is spiritual, emotional, & loving. In other words our souls connected from the time we met. I is difficult when you can feel the emotions that someone else is feeling. Can you break the connection? Some people have that ability or gift as I call it, but many of us that do have that gift won’t use it because of the “what if” factor. “What if all other spiritual connections become blocked off?”, “What if it’s meant to be?”, or “What if this person or persons are whom I’m supposed to be connected to?” Spirituality goes deeper than what we are taught in schools, church & even by the media. This question is a difficult one to answer, but my question to you is do you really want to break that connection? I ask this because I myself believe just as the publisher of the site that all connections are for a reason.

  17. Positively Optimistic says

    I can understand everything you are all talking about! I feel as if we all have spiritual connections to special people that are meant to be in our lives wether its for a short or long period of time. God placed each and everyone of these individuals in your path for a reason (i know its so cliche but in retrospect so true!) Maybe we have never realized these connections until we finally meet someone that as i like to say “makes you come alive”. I met this gentlemen about a year ago. He was the boyfriend of one of my sisters friends. Very good looking kid, hazel eyes, same nationality as me and he was very playful with my son. (my son met him before me, they met thru my sister. Anyway, I never acknowledged him until one day he came over and started talking to me. That same night I had a dream that we were both in my backyard. Everything was hazy including his face but i knew in my mind and heart it was him. We did not say anything we just automatically leaned over and kissed. It was so real that it took my breath away and I awoke suddenly. That morning I felt consumed by him, as if we were just together in some astral way. As fate had it, his girlfriend broke up with him suddenly, she was done with him and he was heartbroken. We became very close during this period. We finally kissed after alot of courage and a month of being good friends”. Let me tell you the kiss was exactly the way it was in my dream. Exactly. You just know the way someone places their lips on yours, it was perfect. Often I would be thinking about him and he would call me, or i would have a precognitave dream about us and it would happen a week or so later in real life. Really deep. I cant explain everything cause it would be so long and drawn out. Either way we started dating for about 9 months. We were never able to tell eachother how we really felt ( I think we were both deathly afraid things would change for the worse if we did) We ended up having a huge fight and I told him it would be better if he just left for good. Well, he took my advice and moved out of state. He never said goodbye of course I found out through his family member. I was flippin crushed. I swear I never felt so much emptiness and pain in my 28 years on earth. I was so afraid of the future. Then on I would walk around like a “zombie”, had realistic dreams of me and him. At first I would always try to catch him and he just kept getting away, others were of me and him in my car talking etc etc. I was so curious to know how he was cause I was very worried about him. He never called me after our fight so I would call his family member. His dad would say to me” wow are you psychic or something because every time you call to ask about him he is going through a bad time and just got off the phone with him. I knew that I felt his feelings of depression and anxiety (ive never been an anxiety type of person, he was. ) I had to fight with my soul to let him go. The day I tried “cord cutting” I had a dream that my soul was crying. My soul did not want to let him go. Its hard to explain you just know. Well 5 months after he left and Im mentally and physically ready to move on, his dad calls me to tell me that he came back. Mind you I was having dreams with him every night the week he got back. I had no idea he was back when I was having these repetitive dreams that drove me nuts! That was yet again another confirmation that we are linked somehow. Unfortunately its not as easy for me to run to him. I have not tried to call him at all even though I believe its on me being that I was basically the agressor and sent him to heck when we fought. Its all very complex but the best advice i can give you is that just because you found someone who is sooo connected to you in someway, DONT think that it was your last chance to have that type of connection with someone. If it seems like everything is getting in the way of you guys being with eachother please MOVE ON. You might not be meant for eachother in this life but guess what? I guarantee you will find someone else that you deeply connect with and everything will just FLOW. Nothing will get in the way and you will just know. You just have to be OPEN. You have to let go of the past. I know you are thinking “yeah right i cant get this person out of my mind!!” Well the more time that goes by the wayyyy better you will feel about it. I have no idea why i was so scared to let go of this guy. We just werent meant to be at this point in life. I learned sooo much from him though, he was a mentor, lover, friend and he opened the door to my artistic talents, spirituality the whole nine. So I guess that was the reason he came into my life when he did. I will remain open to love and positively optimistic that I will find my true love. One where we share that connection and NOTHING gets in the way of us being together. I hope this can help you. PLEASE heed to my advice. IF you cant let go of this strange connection, PLEASE take steps to take care of YOU! Love yourself and you will attract Love. Please see “law of attraction” and “cutting psychic cords” it will help. Alot of times these connections are very toxic to our well being. With LOVE and LIGHT. YOU WILL BE OK!!!!!

  18. Tomorrow says

    Every since the day i meant this man, i knew it was something very special about him. Our first conversation he read my mind and he’s been reading my mind every since then. I will talk to God about something and i will have conversation with my friend and he will give me the answer or say something perferring to what i talked to God about or he will answer something i was thinking without even knowing he did it. He told me i do him the same way. What i feel for him is bigger and deeper then like or love its something special about our connection..

  19. devishi says

    First of all i want to say that i dont know that much of english but bec iwant to share my exepirience. Spiritual connection does not mean to connect with a particular person, it means to make urself so innocent as wel as be empty with ur mind so u can connect with the whole universe, n after that …………….no words.

  20. Gypsygal says

    I cant explain it!!! I have had this male friend for more than a year and for the most part we email aand call each other…we have only met a few times….Honestly the connection i feel towards him is so deep i feel like my heart is ripped out my throat when he goes….We email at exactly the same time or hell txt when i am texting and ill be thinking about him and the phone rings……its like we cant live without knowing we are both there for each other…….we re both very spiritual as well………….i cant imagine life without him in it.its magnetic the pull….he acknowledges somthing as well between us…………we are both single and have been badly hurt in love but we trust each other with our lives…………mutual trust and respect we inspire eah other all the time…………….just recently something happened and i couldnt help confess i had fallen in love with him………….we have always been completely honest and open and i needed to get it off my chest…………………..now ive told him i feel an even deeper connection………but i think it freaked him out and i fear now that i will lose his friendship ……………………but i just had to tell him

  21. Al Ticineto says

    My name is Alfred (birthdate May 26,1964) and I am really seeking to understand a strong connection (seemingly one-sided) to a co-worker. I apologize in advance if this is a bit lengthy.

    “Fred” and I have known each other for over 20 years. We work for the same company, but never in the same department, so our relationship never really got beyond the general “how are you doing” stage. As we are both friendly (heterosexual) guys, we have always had a mutual liking for each other.

    There was a period of a few months time around 12 years ago, that my desk was outside his office, and we would talk in the morning as we got ready for our day. It was during this time that his dad passed away, and he was open about his feeling, how he missed being able to call him to talk, and that he was now felt like an orphan (his mom had passed away a couple of years before). Seeing that he was down, I bought a gift which I left him anonymously. It’s funny, when talking to him a few mornings later, I echoed a sentiment I had written (anonymously) on the card, and he asked me if I left him the gift. I said I hadn’t, but I was happy that he said it had cheered him up. I almost told him at that point that it was me, but I decided against it. Sometimes things get weird when you do something like that, so I thought it best that it remain anonymous. Also, I am on the shy side and have a bit of social anxiety, so anonymous was the best thing for me at the time.

    A few weeks later, he moved to our building across the street, and over the course of the next 12 years I rarely saw him, but when I did, we exchanged friendly greetings.

    We moved to a new building two years ago and were on different floors. I saw him only a couple of times until 7 months ago when he moved up to our floor. We saw eachother in the cafeteria a few times, exchanged friendly hello’s, etc. I had seen him more in the next few weeks than I had in 12 years.

    Around a month later, I got back from vacation and while looking through my e-mails, I found out that Fred’s duaghter had been killed a couple of days earlier in a car crash. All of us at work were in a state of shock over the tragedy, and I recalled how he had a tough time after his dad’s death, and I wondered how he’d make it through this – every parent’s worst nightmare.

    I went to the wake, and it was the saddest thing I had ever seen, so many young people – friends of his daughter’s, and it was heartbreaking to see. We didn’t stay long, we told “Fred”, his wife, and his son how sorry we were about their loss and then we left.

    I went to bed that night and I couldn’t sleep, the whole thing was on my mind – sadness over my co-worker and his loss, and I really wanted to do something. I went on line and found a condolence gift and I ordered it, planning to leave it anonymously as I had with the other gift so many years ago.

    The Friday after the wake I passed his office and he was in there (he had come in to check his e-mails and voicemails someone told me). He saw me though the glass and he waved. At that moment, the same sadness I felt after the wake came back, and I decided to give him the condolence gift and let him know it was from me. He appreciated it, and sencie then I have been checking in with him several times a week, seeing how he is doing, etc. He is dealing with everyhting okay, someitmes he is open abut his feelings, other times we talk about other things.

    It’s so strange – the sadness I feel for him is unlike anyhting I ever felt before. I feel compelled ot keep reaching out to him, and I am genuinely concerned for him and his family. He is very appreciative, but its one of those situations that it I don’t seek him out, he won’t seek me out (he is very busy in his job, though, and he has several closer friends that he does confite in).

    Still, it feels like devine intervention that we were put back into each other’s lives right before his daughter died, just as we were for a few months 12 years ago when his dad died. If he was still on our first floor, I wouldn’t see him at all.

    It’s like I feel a connection to him, but it really is one sided. He appreciates my friendship and all, but we are casual work friends, I am not one of the people that he goes to and confides his deepest thoughts too, and outside of work, he has plaenty of family and friends. I can’t offer him anything that he isn’t getting from so many other people.

    So, what do you all think? Does it seem like divine intervention that I was there 12 years ago and we talked when his dad died, and a month before his daughter died he moved to our flor and once again we talk? Could we have some kind of spiritual connection that compells me to try to help him? Sometimes i think ther is more than meets the eye, but he still only views me as a casual friend (as far as I can tell). Could it be a spirtiual connection?

    • Jessie says

      Hi! I’ve had a similar experience with the emotional side of the story and feeling sadness for someone else. There’s this lady that I had never met but I know OF her because I would see her all the time at my high school. I recently just found out she is friends with my aunt and when I was little i was always with my aunt and still never met this lady. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and when i heard the news i was devastated. it has bothered me ever since i found out. i find it weird that i never met this lady and just knew of her but when i found out that she had cancer i was saddened and just wanted to talk to her and be there for her more than anything. I would wrote her via facebook to say that I don’t personally know her but I’d see her around school when i was in high school and that I was sorry. I finally had the opportunity to meet her last night and i just felt so connected to her. i was amazed by her she is a wonderful person and when i told her that it was nice to meet her she replied “You’ve known me and I’ve known you for a long time. God just placed us together now. now was the time, our time.” What could this mean?

  22. Jessie says

    I have never met this lady but I know of her because I would see her all the time at my high school and I’ve heard a lot about her. I recently just found out she is friends with my aunt and when I was little i was always with my aunt and still never met this lady. she was diagnosed with breast cancer and when i heard the news i was devastated. it has bothered me ever since i found out. i find it weird that i never met this lady and just knew of her and when i find out that she has cancer i feel connected to her somehow. It’s like I was meant to help her some way. i had the opportunity to meet her last night and i just felt so connected to her. i was amazed by her she is a wonderful person and when i told her that it was nice to meet her she replied “You’ve known me and I’ve known you for a long time. God just placed us together now. now was the time, our time.” What could this mean?

  23. Glen says

    Spirituality is a gift, cherish it. And its mastery requires experience, patience, maturity, acceptance and a willingness to learn… from oneself and others :)
    ~Dedicated to my friend and spiritual partner~
    Dnuorg Rednu

  24. Lana says


    I came across your site, and do have a question.

    I do know that I have many spiritual connections with other souls, people who influence me, and are here to assist me on my path – in the good and the bad.

    I was in love with a guy, we were seeing each other for about a year. Right away we grew on each other. I can say that even before I met him there were some things I was really drawn to, for no real reason, and after I met him those things I was drawn to he had. (A year before I met him I really wanted this one specific type of dog, and also I remember before meeting him there was this car I had never seen before, and I knew it was beautiful and I wanted one – I met him about a year later, and he had possessed those things. One more thing is that from the time I was in high school I always wanted to move to a specific part of my state, I wanted to move to this part for about 15 years before actually moving there, within a week of me moving there I met this guy). Within a few months of us seeing each other all of this synchronicities would start happening with us, I had been aware of that before meeting him, but it just seemed with him it was more then ever. Also, when I’d be sleeping with him I’d have dreams – like I’d be watching him, I’d feel these various emotions and feelings, and then we’d wake and it would be like the next day he would be feeling those emotions I had felt him feel in my dream the night before.

    Needless to say, I couldn’t handle a few things, he wasn’t able to commit – he was burned in the past, I understood that, but I couldn’t handle loving someone but not having them fully. I ended up moving away, it was difficult for both of us, but I just couldn’t handle the situation. We kept in touch, but wouldn’t speak often. I had hoped to just get over it, even though it was already proven the time we were together, that our connection was stronger then imagined. I would have random dreams out of nowhere of him – he’d be speaking to me through my dream letting me know everything was ok, he was in love with me etc – each and every time I had those dreams – in about 8 months, I had this dream a handful of times. The next day he would reach out to me that day – just saying hello etc. Halfway through that time I remember feeling so sad, and just crying uncontrollably, I knew he was close to his grandma, so I just thought of her but was super sad. Come to find out, months later, he tells me his grandma had passed.

    There are just some many other situations where it was like I could feel him, feel his presence etc., and then I’d find out that he was feeling those things. I’ve wrote them all down in my journal, and if I was to write it all here I’d be here forever. LOL…

    My question to you is, even though this is such an intense connection, can this be a learning lesson for me? My heart’s desire is to be with him, but he just has so much to work on, and I feel like I can’t just sit here forever and wait for him to change. Basically, I can’t hold on to him, because it just hurts too much to do so. Even with an intense connection with another human like this, did it maybe just happen to me to understand spirituality more? Can these types of connections be made, even if it seems like it’s someone you’re not meant to be with for the rest of this physical life?

    Thank you and I appreciate it.

    • Darren Sproat says

      Thank you for sharing such a detailed, personal story. I have had similar, intense spiritual connections with people (2 come to mind that I can say were intense spiritual connections) and, for one reason or another, we grew apart or started focusing on other priorities. That’s not to say the spiritual connection is no longer there but, rather, it’s the physical connection that is no longer there. I definitely keep them as learning experiences.

      Like you, I journal many of my experiences and, like you, if I detailed them all we’d be here all week reading it.

      For me, I cherish the connections I have and I know the people I have those connections with cherish them too. It’s a special relationship, to say the least, and that’s how I choose to keep them. As special friends I have a special connection to.

      Thanks again for sharing.

  25. Jade says

    I can’t believe that I have this site where I can actually air what I have been going through this past year without feeling ridiculed. I met this man at a kiddies party and he just came over and started talking to me about his life -health-relationship etc ( I have a tendancy of having people I don’t know or met telling me their issues) We didn’t really see much of each other, until a couple of months later we met up at an afterschool club where both our children attended. We got speaking / meeting and before I knew it we were texting each other into the early hours of the morning. No exaggeration more than 4k texts in one month to him alone – I barely ever texted anyone. I felt I was caught up in a whirl wind of emotion. I felt as if I had known him for years and only a few weeks had passed by. I was engulfed by this connection that I couldn’t fathom out what it was or why. All I know it was greater than any physical/mental connection, so I started exploring for information. I read about twin flames/souls – but found this very difficult to come to terms with as I know that my husband and I are meant to be and have been together in a past life. However this man – I would know when he was going to text, when he was going to walk around the corner…I felt his feelings, his depression, his illness. I would grieve uncontrollably for him and yet I had only known him for a few months. I so wanted to explain to him how I felt but it sounded so crazy and I just didnt have the guts to. Though he is 10 years younger, I was worried about any physical attraction, so I introduced him to a friend of mine and pushed then together. I then went through the process of having the spiritual connection cut as this tie was affecting my well being immensly – that I could no longer cope with it. Its a year on now and this man is still in my life. I want to cut the bond completely but I don’t. We are more like acquaintances now, things are quite cool but I still have the connection of wanting to communicate with him, help him someway and be in his life. I want to know why our paths have crossed, why I still feel that I can’t lose him,is there some purpose to all of this ?

    • BJ says

      This all sounds so familiar to me! The concept of not wanting to lose someone you feel so connected to is so real to me. And yet it is not a need for completion, or any kind of physical or romantic connection. There is just a sense that this person is meant to be in your life and you in theirs and that there is some higher purpose the two of you have to meet together. That you are meant to help them in some way and they you. I get it. The problem with this is that often the other person doesn’t feel the same way. For them there is either no special connection, or for them it IS physical, romantic or something else. this makes it really difficult to deal with.

  26. BJ says

    I too have felt this spiritual connection. In fact twice in the recent past. Unfortunately, being an open and compassionate person I have chosen on both occasions to express this sense of connection and compassion to each of these people. In the first instance the person took it as a strange and undesirable situation and expressed a need to have me completely out of their life. As they were a professional provider I was left needing to find someone else to provide the same type of professional services and though I still feel a connection to the person, I no longer see them or communicate in any way other than to send them good thoughts and wishes for well being. The second person was I think more personally centered and able to accept that this is possible but still, they did not feel any connection with me and indicated that I should not take this connection too seriously. They too have asked to have less interaction with me and although I see them regularly in the course of my social activities there now remains a somewhat strained interaction. I still feel the connection and wish nothing but the best for them but I find it difficult at times to feel so connected to someone yet unable to express it or react to it. I will say however that I have learned a great deal about myself from each of them and most especially the second. And I believe they also have learned from our interaction though I think the first was resistant to the lesson and the second is still trying to figure it all out. In the meantime I have become much more spiritual and centered in the process of understanding.

  27. Naima Thompson says

    Yes I meet someone 2 years ago there was an instant attraction but it was not lustful or sinful it was pure after spending time with that person I found out we had similar interest likes n weird or not similar childhoods also who new a trait that I have that few people never figure out about me there was also something deep n profound in the way we looked at each other unfortunately we no longer speak its a long story but I hope it can be resolved one day I love him deep in my soul n I think I will forever!!!!!

  28. shell says

    My friend and I have known each other for about15 yrs. Not only do we think alike on most things and have the same goals family wise and career as well. My name is Shelliek Kay hers Is Rushell Kay.my dob is 2/?8hers is 3/8. Her daghter ( )is Courtney Nicole while mine is Rachae Nicole her son Jess Scott mine Travis Scott, babies fatherfboth have Scott in name. Her daughter And mine got pregnant thw same month.her grandbaby calls her MeeMee mine calls Me Mi-Mi . Her sister the geandbaby calls Gi-Gi and my Geandma wants call birh daughters are going ro scool for design . We went to prison at same time. Her daughter had a son with my ex’s nephew. We both had a narcotic addiction to same drug. Both our dads were diagnosed with cirroshiss of liver and gave 3 months to live and still are alive many years later. Her mother and my grandmother were diagnosed with cancer in same year. Ther are more but ill leave you with this. How can two people have so many things in common. I talk to her every day now but even tho we have always been friends it was nothing like now. We had no idea of the coincidences until a few years ago.

  29. Ruach says

    About 6 years ago I was on a trip with a group of people I had just met in a foreign country. A woman we connected with online, who lived in the area, met with us and arranged for her husband to give us a short guided tour of the area.
    He seemed very business like at first in his presentation and not very interested in getting to know any of us. He was sharing as a matter of fact that this place he took us to is a place he comes to intuitively sense if there will be danger. I felt this spiritual boldness come over me as he spoke and I insisted that we pray together for their protection. He turned to look at me and it was as if we finally “saw each other’ in a spiritual sense. It was more than an a attraction. Almost like a kinetic energy and that moment was imprinted on my heart, as if something special took place that my mind cannot fathom, or make sense out of.
    Instead of seeming that we had imposed upon him now he insisted to take us on a out every morning we were there. I did not realize he was separated from his wife, but it was like she saw it to. Because she would take me aside and warn me of difficulties being married to a man from this country.
    I returned home after my 2 1/2 week trip, but I kept having dreams and visions of this man. The conversations we would have and the things we would do together in the future. I did not understand what they meant. Yet, I sensed I was to prepare to return to the place where this man lives. When I tried on my own to go things kept happening to prevent me from going.
    So I prayed and sought God on this matter and then one night I had a dream. When I woke up I knew I was to quit my job and leave in 3 weeks for this country. At church the next night my pastors wife asked me what God had said to me about returning there. Her friend who I had planned to stay with there was visiting here that next week.
    Unknowingly I arrived in his town 1 1/2 years later on the day of his birthday. I found out he had been praying that if God were real he would bring me back there. Yet, we both were both so distrusting and guarded. We often avoided talking to each other. He was involved with a woman, who I did not like or trust, but I was forced to be friendly with because we worked together.
    God arranged for me to rent an apartment in his same village. As I was going for a walk one night God gently spoke to me and told me to turn down a different path then I normally take. His car was parked near this path as he was unloading groceries with his daughter. At first I walked by hoping he would be the one to initiate a conversation, but he didn’t. I heard God tell me if I walked off without a word I would wound him deeply. So I turned and walked back and just said hello. He invited me to come in and we talked, but still we were both guarded.
    Yet, when I was with him I just felt like I was home. It was a strange sense of feeling safe. We did not talk about deep emotional things or even our likes and dislikes. Some of our conversations I had dreamed about before I came there. But he would start talking as if we were going to be married and live together. It was confusing because he was involved with many women. He never came out and actually asked me to marry him. I had been there almost a year and my plane ticket and visa were expiring. So I made plans to return home.
    When I called him to say goodbye he went off in anger telling me he did not need or want me in his life. I dropped by to say goodbye, and he avoided all eye contact with me. I caught his eye briefly as I turned to leave, then he jumped up and gave me a kiss goodbye on the cheek.
    I still have dreams about him and sometimes I feel him in my spirit. It is like we talk to each other in our spirits. I know when he is mad, happy, or sad. I just pray for him and ask God to bring us together at the right time. I feel there are things that we each need to go through before we can come together. God has revealed to me that when I visited this land when I was 17 our paths crossed then, but we did not realize the importance of it.
    Somehow there is a sense that we are a key to each other’s destiny. So we have to continue seeking God and following the path He gives us. Then in God’s perfect timing again our paths will cross and the other dreams and visions I had will come to pass. But I have to have faith and pray these things through into existence into the natural realm.
    The difference in my connection with him is that I do not have the soulish obsession like you do with a soul tie, or the lustful obsession of a physical attraction. It is like I am completely aware of all of his faults, yet I know deep in my heart of hearts I was created and destined to be with this man. I love him just as he is. I do not feel the need to in any way manipulate or control him. In fact, when we had a fight God told me to just tell him “yes”. Then when he asked me what that meant, I was to explain that since he was always telling me to just say yes and trust him, I was to tell him that I trusted him unconditionally with my yes. This was very difficult for me to do, but it was also very healing. When he hurt me with the things he said I wanted to take my “yes” back, but I knew in my heart I couldn’t. I had to completely and unconditionally trust him, even if he hurt me.
    I am not sure why I am sharing all of this…perhaps it will speak to someone else to realize their experiences are similar, yet uniquely their own journey. Just as it was for me to read this blog and all the other posts it generated. Faith is believing what you know to be true in your heart, as if it where already so.

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