What Inspires You?

Colorful Band of Northern Lights

Colorful Band of Northern Lights | Photo © Roman Krochuk | Dreamstime.com

What Inspires You?

Is it music,
Writing, reading, drawing?

Is it a job well done,
Your career,
A colleague,
A friend, a boss, a coach?

Is it leaves turning in the fall,
A twisting stream,
The wind blowing through your hair,
Birds singing in the morning?

Is it that one special grandparent,
An uncle or an aunt,
Your spouse,
A sibling, parent, or child?

What inspires you?  For me, it’s creativity… Everything creative.


    • Darren Sproat says

      I am with you there. Bloggers I follow and many tweeps on twitter are a great source of inspiration. In fact, social media has brought together nearly everyone in this blog’s community.
      Thanks for the comment,

  1. says


    I am creating a book called “Everyday Leadership Inspiration” and I am looking for contributors. Essentially – like you – I am seeking people who will talk about a film or a poem or a book or a story (etc…) that inspires their leadership – and then how it inspires them.

    All information can be found on my blog:


    I look forward to anyone’s contributions. Thanks.

    • Darren Sproat says

      I am honored you would ask me to contribute to your effort. I will, in the coming week, send you an e-mail for more information and will be in a better position to let you know whether I will be able to contribute.
      Darren Sproat

    • Darren Sproat says

      Hi Jon,
      I am interested and believe I can meet your deadline. I will be in touch in a week or so (I hope) and we’ll go from there.
      Thanks again for the invite.

  2. says

    Darren, I’m inspired by people who have overcome adversity and continue to set challenging goals for themselves. Years back I attended a speech made by Silken Lauman, the olympic rower who suffered a horrific accident just weeks before the olympics. She had the added misfortune of discouraging doctors telling her she would never walk again as they didn’t want her to get her hopes too high and suffer another defeat. She beat all the odds through incredible perseverance and a stubborn will. These stories provide 2 things: perspective and motivation. I’m very appreciative of those who share their stories.

    • Darren Sproat says

      Well, Susan, we have that in common. I am incredibly inspired by those who have overcome adversity to shatter expectations… and so much of it has to do with the expectations we have of ourselves. I love Silken’s story… just as I do so many of our athlete’s journey’s through adversity. If we look in the mirror and say to our reflection that we can move forward today, chances are we will move forward. Thank you!

  3. says

    All the every day heroes–ordinary people doing their part to make this world a little better and leave it better for our grandchildren and theirs. They inspire. Their stories keep me going and fill me with hope.

  4. Sneha says

    The beautiful things I see on web.. those amazing pictures and some awesome videos never fail to inspire me:)

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