Keeping it Real

keeping it realHave you ever noticed that there are times when you read something someone wrote or listen to someone talk and whatever they are sharing just doesn’t seem authentic? Perhaps it doesn’t ‘feel’ or sound honest. You may know the truth and that is in part why you feel the words are not authentic. Other times, you just sense, whether you know the person or not, that whatever they are saying isn’t genuine.

Being honest, open and keeping it real seems the best way to connect with others, to build trust and to be your best self. Sometimes who we are, what we feel and stand for may not align with others. We may lose friends, business associates or business deals because of this, but to me being true to ourselves should be our priority.

I have learned along my journey that the times when I was not true to myself situations and relationships never evolved into being what I wanted or needed. I also learned that going along with others who I sensed, or at times knew, were not keeping it real always ended up with my feeling disappointing. At some point the truth is revealed about people and circumstances no matter how hard one tries to avoid it.

That key is how I learned the importance of being real, honest and authentic in the first place. You then do not have to worry about portraying yourself as something your not, or accidentally revealing something that is the truth versus what you were trying so hard to convince others of; untruth. It became freeing over time to be my real and authentic self and to be aware of others who were being the same. I have realized that I feel better when I am around, sharing with and learning from others who speak and live the truth and our their best authentic selves.

The things I have put into practice to keep it real;

  • Let words and actions flow from me that ‘feel’ natural and good to me
  • Keep my eyes, ears and heart open to my truth
  • Keep my eyes, ears and heart open to others authenticity
  • Pause when I feel even the slightest uncomfortable feeling with self or towards others to decide whether the situation or person is right for me

How about you? How do you keep it real?


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    What a great reminder, Angela, and timely. I was working on a blog post this morning that just wasn’t coming, because I didn’t “feel” it. I’m going to switch topics to something more personal. I’m sure that will connect better with my readers. Thanks for the nudge to more authenticity.

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      Hi Kathy! Thanks for reading and commenting! We definitely try to keep it real here at Then Life Happens… and that hopefully allows us to build community with our readers. We know that all of us go through life stuff that is the same and yet not the same, but it is life! Glad to have connected with you and I look forward to your checking out your blog!

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