How to Uncomplicate the Complicated

Sun Shining through a TreeLately, I have contemplated, and had discussions with others, about how we sometimes make things more complicated than they are. Some things are truly complicated, messy and confusing, but not everything has to be so. I tend to think matters of the heart, financial and business dealings can be the most complicated things.

I wonder though if some of what seems complicated is simply our perceptions about things and people and how we handle life. I have heard some people say that complicated situations are a result of too much drama. Perhaps that is true when people are being overly dramatic about something.

When I think about the complicated situations in my life, now and in the past, I realize they often seem more complicated when there is a lot of emotion involved. Relationships, whether personal or professional can be complicated and confusing when two people do not agree and have conflict. Financial and business matters can be complicated when there are important decisions to be made and the details are overwhelming.

How to Uncomplicate the Complicated

Here is what I have learned to uncomplicate the complicated;

  • Taking the emotion out of situations helps me to see things more clearly
  • It is important to be realistic about a situation and what I can and cannot control about it (and people!)
  • Over thinking something makes it seem much more complicated than it is
  • Worrying creates thoughts about something that probably is not as complicated as it was before you began to worry about it
  • Sometimes what seems really complicated becomes uncomplicated when we do nothing and let things evolve

I realize that not everything is as easy as picking your relationship status on Facebook (have you noticed all the options now, including ‘it’s complicated’!). But how we choose to handle situations and life does not have to be complicated. I try my best to celebrate all the uncomplicated and simple things in life and spend more energy on that instead of worrying and over thinking other things.

Some of the uncomplicated and simple things in life;

  • The beauty of nature: flowers blooming, sunsets, rainbows
  • Laughter
  • Hugs
  • Music
  • The sounds of nature: crashing waves, birds chirping, wind blowing

Please share with our community at Then Life Happens how you uncomplicate the complicated and what simple things in life remind you that life is not always as complicated as we think!

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